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For translators who want more from their business

You’ve established your freelance translation business, have one or two great clients and enough work to pay the bills. But it can feel like you’re on a treadmill – working hard but not moving anywhere fast. You’d like to start seeing bigger results: higher-paying clients, more consistent work, greater job satisfaction, and to know you’re moving in the right direction.

Let me help translate the business strategies that can help you reach the right clients and have fun along the way. I know you may not love marketing right now, but I have ways to make it easier and more enjoyable, promise!

Practical support to make progress

There’s only so much information you need before it’s time to take action. As part of Business Translated, I share practical tips you can implement right away so you can start making progress towards your goals. 

My approach is to gently, yet firmly, nudge you in the right direction, providing clarity and guidance to help you get results. You choose the level of motivation and support you need:

  • Free marketing tips and inspiration in my weekly emails and blog
  • Courses on a specific business or marketing topic – from getting clear on who you want to work with, to marketing to them and keeping in touch with clients new and old
  • Ongoing support in The Expedition Group, with guided challenges designed to help you attract new clients and grow your translation business

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Business and marketing translated for you

As the translation profession becomes dominated by companies urging quicker and faster work for your ‘best price’, I want to help you take back control of your business. Choose the companies you want to work with, the deadlines and rates you work for. It’s going to involve proactive marketing and I’m here to support you as you become an Explorer in Business. Whether you opt for inbound or (and?) outbound marketing, use the latest technology or prefer old-school methods, you’ll find the resources and recommendations to help you here.