Your Ticket To Explore – Bonus Resources

You’ve discovered the not-so-secret Ticket To Explore bonus resource page! I’m delighted you’re here and hope you enjoy the read. Let’s get straight to it and give you the essential Explorer In Business preparation kit.

Action Log

Your Action Log combines all the actions from Your Ticket To Explore. Download yours here and record your progress!

Travel photos from the book

A picture tells a thousand stories. Here are a few of mine from the travel anecdotes I share in the book.

Chapter 2: Why Motivation Is A Poor Travel Companion

The rolling hills of the North Island, New Zealand. Hobbiton must be close!
Our wheels for 5 weeks, a Suzuki Esteem with a faulty fuel gauge.

Chapter 3: The Dastardly Detours of Your Brain

Scrapbook page showing a Japanese map postcard, a bookmark with Japanese symbols and some small photo booth group photos in various poses
When in Japan, you’ve got to play with the photo booths.
Outside a temple in Kyoto there is a wishing well where people are pouring water to make a wish
Making a wish in Kyoto.

Chapter 4: Marketing – The Mountainous Megabeast

Waterfall on the side of Table Mountain
Half-way up Table Mountain, South Africa.
A dassie at the summit of Table Mountain. Brown-haired, large rodent also known as a rock rabbit.
A dassie, a friendly Table Mountain native, at the summit.

Chapter 6: Refining Your Route

Sandy beach surrounded by rainforest in Queensland, Australia
An enticing sandy beach awaited after a trek through the rainforest. Let’s rest a while…
Warning sign: Estaurine crocodiles live in water and on banks in this area. Keep out of the water and well away from the water's edge. Crocodile attack can cause serious injury or death.
Maybe not the best place to explore.
You can’t escape the wildlife. This will be forever known as Danger Beach!

Chapter 7: The Journey to Yes is Paved With Good Objections

A wild dolphin pod swimming in the sea near Kaikoura with snow-capped mountains in the background
Dusky dolphins in Kaikoura. Photo taken from the relative warmth of the boat after encountering these awesome creatures up close.

Curious Explorers Off The Beaten Track

Four lifeguard bollards in Geelong by the baywalk
Forget the Opera house and Great Ocean Road, off the beaten track you’ll find Geelong’s baywalk bollards. There are more than a hundred.
A caravan in a farmer's field near Armadale
Our accommodation when WWOOFing (being a willing worker on organic farms) near Armadale, Western Australia.

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