Business Courses for Translators

From figuring out who you want to work with to creating and running your own marketing campaign, handling responses and client-focused resources, I’ve got you covered.

Translator Courses

  • Find Your Ideal Clients

    Find Your Ideal Clients

    A short course that takes you from ‘there are too many options!’ to an actual shortlist of people you want to contact.

    You’ve decided to run a marketing campaign but this initial preparation step of figuring out who you want to contact can become a huge stumbling block. In this mini-course I’ll show you how to narrow down your search, identify the key factors you need to consider when selecting companies and determine what’s not important so you can avoid second-guessing yourself. We also cover how to track down useful contact details. Further details here.

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  • Direct Marketing

    Direct Marketing

    A two-part course taking you through everything you need to know to run a successful direct marketing campaign. Part one explains the direct marketing strategy and what your potential clients really want. You’ll discover how to create compelling offers, write sales letters and encourage responses to win new clients and gain a deeper understanding of your target market.

    Part two is all about the implementation: Send out your marketing materials, put theory into practice as you handle different responses and follow up effectively with your contacts. We look at long-term relationship building to keep in touch with your dream clients so that you’re the person they contact for their next translation project.
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  • Publish Your Own Newsletter

    Publish Your Own Newsletter

    Keep in touch with clients and contacts, build relationships, and grow your business. A client-focused newsletter can be a powerful tool and is a lot simpler than you might think. In this course you’ll come up with a bank of content ideas to suit you and your target market and create a newsletter in your chosen format. For more details on how to publish your own high-impact marketing tool to generate more enquiries, head here.

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  • The Expedition Group

    The Expedition Group

    Enjoy ongoing support. Let me take you off the beaten track on mini marketing adventures to help you attract new clients and grow your translation business. If you want the same satisfaction and enjoyment from the business and marketing side of things as you get from your quest for the perfect turn of phrase in your translations, then I invite you to join The Expedition Group.

    Banish the guilt at continually putting aside your marketing, following up that quotation you sent and not knowing what to do next. Instead, follow the suggested next step in your chosen challenge, get personal feedback, inspiration, accountability and a place to ask your translation business questions. Find all the details here.

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